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Concrete Caulking

Protect Your Investment with Concrete Caulking.

FinalFinish also offers professional, commercial grade caulking to help prevent or minimize cracks in new concrete surfaces.

As soon as new concrete starts to solidify, it shrinks slightly creating tension within the slab. That tension creates stress, which builds until it exceeds the strength of the concrete and the slab cracks.

Cracks can appear within hours to 30 days of the concrete pour.

The most common way to help minimize cracks is to lay joints or bridges (saw cuts or formed grooves) that encourage concrete to crack along a predetermined line. Once the joint layout is determined and installed, FinalFinish caulks the joints with a epoxy/polyarea/polyurethane caulk to further protect the bridge.

This is especially necessary with exterior concrete surfaces, where water can penetrate the joints and cause deterioration over time from freezing.